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Finally! We are here - Sigi Grabner and friends riding to Sochi - Pic: Private


Finally! We are here - Sigi Grabner and friends riding to Sochi - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi – Sigi Grabner Roadbook – 13 May 2013 – Distance 188k:   Tuapse – Sochi –

Total distance:  3110k
We did it! Finally we arrived in Sochi. On the 16th day of our ride, after 3.110 km of distance and after having passed 8 different countries. We met very nice and very interesting people, have seen many different landscapes and had a lot of wind and a lot of fun. We are in the place now where in February 2014 we will be competing for Olympic medals.


Ringe_alle  Ring_Sigi

Oh man, what we see here is a 30km construction site! Road works are going on, everything is full of trucks and construction workers, there is a lot unfinished, but you can feel the dynamic. They will of course finish everything and it will be glamourous! I am looking forward to be a part of it.

Sigi_Sochi  Sochi_Kräne


We stayed in Sochi just for one day. Now we can go back home. Zee Italians will drive their huge bus home – now that all the papers are completed, they won’t have any difficulties to pass the borders 😉  and I am going by plane tomorrow, together with our two fabulous media-men Daniel and Metchi, who spent nights and days with us filming, editing, cutting and uploading and now deserve some sleep 🙂  Thank you so much guys, it was good working with you and we had a good time together!

Frühstück_Sochi  Sochi_Ringe_3

People, come with us on our trip and check the “Riding To Sochi” video clips, this guy Metchi really did a great job. Thank you for following my blog and for your words of encouragement and compassion. We did it!Enjoy riding and stay free