Sigi Grabner

Sigi Grabner celebrating his 40th birthday with the Snowboarding Allstars - Pic: Oliver Kraus


Sigi Grabner celebrating his 40th birthday with the Snowboarding Allstars - Pic: Oliver Kraus
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Snowboarders from four different generations followed Sigi Grabner’s invitation: A “Snowboarding Allstars After-Career-Weekend”! Last weekend from 11th to 13th April they spend time together at the Nassfeld in Carinthia, Austria. More than 50 companions from Sigi’s 20-year racing career came together for snowboarding and celebrating. Eight countries were represented: Austria, Japan, Germany, Norway, USA, Slovenia, Italy and Switzerland. Stars from the days of the ISF, Lords of the Boards, World Champions, World Cup winner, they all came: the Olympic medalist in Nagano in 1998 just aswell as the World Cup overall champion of 2014.

A bit of history

So you saw snowboard history on the Nassfeld: Riders of the first hour as Gerry Ring, Hans Rösch, Karl-Heinz Zangerl, Helmut Pramstaller and Gitti Köck as Nici Pederzolli, Dieter Krassnig, Stefan Kaltschütz and Felix Stadler, Alex Maier, SBX Overall World Cup Winner Alex Koller, Claudia Riegler, freeriders like Ueli Kestenholz from Switzerland. But the young team colleagues from the Austrian National Team and active international stars of the race board scene had accepted the invitation aswell: World Cup Title Winner Lukas Mathies, Ina Meschik, Sabine Schöffmann, Andreas Lausegger, the South Tyrolean Aaron March, the World Champion from 2011 Hilde-Katrine Engeli (NOR ) and the Vice World Champion of 2013, Justin Reiter (USA).

“I thank my long-time sponsor who has made it possible for me to meet these old companions and friends – from Joe Zangerl, my first coach to Andy Lausegger, my last roommate – to experience such a weekend here in Carinthia. When I look around, I see twenty years of snowboard history in one place,” said Grabner, “it is unbelievably great! What could be better than snowboarding and celebrating together with so many good snowboarders, good friends and good enemies. That’s what it’s all about!” Sigi Grabner said.

pics by Oliver Kraus