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Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi with friends - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi with friends - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi Project

Day 04:  01 Mai 2013

Strecke: 221km , all in Hungary – Nagykanizsa – Balatonkeresztur–  Siofok – Dunafoldvar  crossing the Danube – Füllöpsallas


Sigi Grabner’s Roadbook: A place to stay

This country is amazing – Hungary! Everything seems so neat, clean, friendly and idyllic. The flat landscape makes us roll fast, endless fields, growing crops, shepherds with their dogs and their flock waving to us and around us everywhere flat plains with horses! White Lipizzaner horses. So beautiful. Here I must talk about food, because we need a lot of that to keep our pace 🙂 We had a really strong Hungarian breakfast this morning with 3 eggs for each of us spring onions and paprika fresh from the garden, homemade bread etc. Normally  a place to stay – but… So off we went again,  we took the road along Lake Balaton, daily high temperatures 32° Centigrade.

Etterem   SigiOnTheRoad

When you ride the roadbike you see a lot of things beside the road.  Here it is extremely clean, there is absolutely no trash along the road, nothing! We rolled across the big Danube river bridge at Dunafoldvar. There Laszlo was waiting for us,  the Hungarian speaker of Eurosport. He accompanied us to our hotel in a little village  with the strange name of Füllöpszallas. They have a horse farm and we see the white Lipizzaner horses  outside our window, and in the stables. It is sooo amazing. I like it here!


DanielMetchi Laszlo

And here is my new Hungarian word of the day: Köszönöm! (thanks)