Sigi Grabner

Sigi Grabner Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi, Puszta - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi, Puszta - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi – Sigi’s Roadbook:

Day  05 – May  02, 2013: 

217k – Füllöpszallas – Szentes – Oroshaza – Kaszaper – Battonya – border to Romania – Arad

 Now I know what straight is

After arriving in this nice „Applehouse“ guesthouse in Romania, my bottom hurts. I will need a load of cream tomorrow. They say that finally you will get used to it, hopefully this getting used starts after 5 days 😉  I feel quite tired and worn out today. I got up early, wanted to check the animals of the breeding farm. They had long horn cattle, white Lippizzaner horses and a lot of others. There were three funny dogs who liked me a lot. Also the mosquitos liked me a lot..


Then we continued riding to the East on long straight roads. It was hard. Riding against the wind on a completely flat landscape and completely straight roads is hard. It takes a lot of willpower to hold on. Some roads were very bumpy, some were nice, but the bumpy ones are fatal to tyres. Aaron’s tyres. He had a flat tyre twice today, now he leads the score by 2:1 ahead of Fisch.

I already was in Romania 16 years ago together with snowboard mates martin Freinademetz, Dieter Happ and  my motorbike. Now the country has changed a lot. It ist he same road, but today there are trucks, there are cities, there is urban life. In the past times it was a lot more like  „Into The Wild“.


After 217km of eastbound road (and the total distance of 1005k) we arrived in our hotel when it was already dark night –  there is a time lap of 1 hour compared tot he CET zone, which we did not think of. This means one hour less sleep for me tomorrow morning. Not nice.