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Perfect View - Pic: view


Perfect View - Pic: view
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Riding To Sochi: Sigi’s Roadbook: Day 06 – May  03, 2013

216k into Romania: Arad – Lipova – Orastie – Sibot – Seves


We are in Romania now on our way to Transylvanian mountains. Martin Freinademetz, former Snowboard team mate is living near Iulia Alba with his family. Last time I was in this place it was by motorbike together with him, 16 years ago. Long long time ago!  A lot of things have changed since then, yet we both have still long hair 😉

Kirche   Hügel_Pulk

This countryside has changed –  we see a lot of restructuring works and infrastructure bulding. Yet, still vast meadows and fields without fences, but shepherds with their flocks instead. We took the mainroad from Arad heading east, made a speedrun just to leave the flatlands and their steady winds behind. We got dust and noise instead :), saw a lot of construction work, trucks passing, people outside on the streets – top temperature was 36° C – and we were quite exhausted when we arrived. The truck drivers extremely friendly and taking care, cheering us up and waving to us. We made their day, so it seems.

ROM_Pulk  ROM_Werk


We can already see the Carpathian mountains rising in the east, they are snow-covered. I like this.

Now, arrived in Sebes after 216k of dusty and noisy road, I’m going to have a nice shower, a load to eat and look forward to meeting up with Martin Freinademetz for dinner!