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Sigi Grabner Road to Sochi, Cemetery - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner Road to Sochi, Cemetery - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi Project Day 07

04 May 2013, 210k,  Sebes – Sibiu – Fagoras – Brasov – Sacele (ROMANIA)

Sigi Grabner’s roadbook:  Transsylvania Express

Yesterday we spent a nice evening with Martin Freinademetz, my former companion and team mate in racing days. He is legend. He came over for dinner from his place by motorbike and we had some nice talks about old times and new future of Alpine snowboarding. He lives with his Romanian wife and his 2 children nearby, they own a ski resort, organise the Romaniacs event there and he told me that he organised a Snowboard Parallell Race last winter „because so many people were asking for it“ (please note – Alpine Racing!!!). He still wears his hair long (even without hair), it’s a kind of philosophy for people like us 🙂

Dorf  Sigi_Armlinge.jpeg

200k  further to  the East

Today we continued our road to the East, rolled along the Carpathian mountains through a beautiful smooth hill landscape with small sleeping villages. It seems like we are travelling back in time. We passed Sibiu, an old German settlement with beautiful historic buildings which are being restored now. The traffic gets less, we encounter more bicycles and more horse driven wagons on the road, more pedestrians and homeless dogs. Yet there are also quite a few Porsche Panameras or other 200.000€ cars  passing!

GoProBrasov Kirche


In the evening we stopped near the town of Brasov in Dracula Country. We made 210km  and 1600 meters in altitude in this smooth hilly landscape without noticing that ist was steep. From here I can see the mountain tops of the Carpathian Range  covered with snow, next time I would like to stay longer and explore the Mountainbike trails around here…