Sigi Grabner

Sigi Grabner Road to Sochi - Somewhere - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner Road to Sochi - Somewhere - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi Project Day 08- 05 May 2013 – 234k in ROM: Sacele – Predeal –Sinaia – Campina – Ploiesti – Buzau – Ianca

Sigi Grabner’s roadbook, Day 08 – “In the middle of f… nowhere”

They are celebrating Easter in Romania today, so we see a lot of people gathering in the cemeteries – it’s resurrection, of course! We started early from Brazov and went up the pass to cross the South Carpathian range. There is a ski resort on top, which was quite nice. The road was fine to climb, we were riding fast, in good spirits, everything cool – we were wrong…

Karp_Pulk Karpaten

Facing The Enemy

When we crossed the pass to the South side, were nearly killed by the steady facing wind, f*ck! I hate wind. Not only that he slows you down even going downhill, but he dries you and wears you out. During the next 160k we were standing AGAINST this damned wind! So we arrived very late in Ianca, tired and dry, found the only hotel of the town and now are looking for something to eat. Luckily the Italians have brought lots of pasta and a little camping stove in their bus – this would be our emergency plan B…

Pausa_Wind Herde_ROM

Road Kill Everywhere


The country gets more difficult, there is more and more poverty, more and more littering, there are more and more dogs, who are barking and following us and are quite dangerous for a crash. We see a lot of road kill, cadavers of dogs, poor people – the road is in perfect condition though. No bumps, just classy.

Litter Sputnik

Tomorrow we are leaving the EU, this is going to be the start of our real adventure.