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Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi with Roland Fischnaller - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi with Roland Fischnaller - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi – Sigi Grabner Roadbook  – 06 May 2013

Distance today: 157km – Ianca – Galati  (ROM) – Republic Moldavia – Reni (UKR) – Izmail (UKR)



Today we spent almost a half day crossing borders. First border from Romania into the Republic of Moldavia was easy. A few friendly greetings, a little respectful waving and there we went! We took the „green corridor“ a kind of transit road which leads from the town of Galati/ROM to Reni in the Ukraine. The road passes some km over Moldavian territory. You must not look around or stop, just continue to the other side. No problem for us.

Korridor Plattenbauten

The Ukraine border station, no problem again for the four bikes. We were already on Ukraine territory and waited for the bus to join us. This last 200m to reach Ukraine territory were challenging. No passing for the bus. One paper was missing? No way. Discussing and argueing began. Not good. Should we wait until this paper would be sent from Italy, should we return? Should we leave the bus and hire a rental car? Nervous atmosphere around. Our photographer Daniel saved us, he negotiated and explained, and after three hours of intense negotiations and bureaucratic challenges the bus passed. Ouff!

Grenze Foto

We came late into the city of Izmail for our night stop. The60k of Ukraine roads were challenging for our bikes – mainroads quite ok, but he passage through villages chaotic, vand  bumpy, several times we stepped down and walked through, pushing the bike.

Gelb Fuhrwerkjpeg

Now we have arrived in a very beautiful natural reserve, we are in the Delta of  the Danube, we are at the Black Sea!

Total distance 1.830k