Sigi Grabner

Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi, sea view - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner riding to Sochi, sea view - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi – Sigi Grabner Roadbook Day 11 – 08 May 2013

Distance: 246k in UKRAINE: Zatoka – Odessa – Mikolajew –  Kherov/Dnjepr River – Total distance:  2.269k


Morning breakfast was not really the big hammer, very basic. I made my famous porridge – home made Sigi style. This was followed by a Dolomite lunch with speck, cheese and home made bread from South Tyrol. It gave us power for the day to come 😉

Speck1  Pausa_Bus

We  started early and took the road to Odessa along the seaside and continued to Mikolajew. This time there was a very nice favorable wind from behind, which made us fast and feel good. Weather was perfect, sunshine yet not too hot, so we continued rolling on to the East until Kherov, the next big city, located at the Dnjepr delta. It is a region with huge harbours, docks, factory buidings and railroad trails, huge bridges and farming industries. A lot of traffic, very wild vehicles and intense movement on the roads. The main roads are fine, no bumps. Only one flat tyre today (Erich). People moving on the roads are very friendly and relaxed. We enjoy this country a lot.. By the way, there are many nice girls around ; and surprisingly not all of them are blondes.

Bridge_Dnjepr  Strasse

One of the heavy trucks hit our bus when he overtook, the leftside mirror  was in thousand pieces – it was quite close to an accident, but only close, everything ok, nothing but a shock for our two drivers! Thanks a lot. I am thankful that we came so far today, we made our longest distance in one day – due to the perfect conditions, weather, road and wind! We found a special place for staying overnight. No more noisy city today, but a scenic place in the delta of river Dnjepr. It is a fishermen’s cottage, and now we are going to have some fresh fish for dinner and finally some Vodka. It’s Metchi’s birthday today.