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Sigi Grabner - Perfect adventure! Riding to Sochi with friends - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner - Perfect adventure! Riding to Sochi with friends - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi – Sigi Grabner Roadbook Day 12 – 09 May 2013

Distance: 201k in UKRAINE: Kherson – Velyki – Kalanchak – Voinka – Dzhankoy/Krim Peninsula – Total distance:  2.470k


It’s a hard stage today, we fight constantly against a hot wind, 50k/h in your face, we hardly gain speed to advance. We struggle in Southeast direction, pedalling in an endless landscape of agricultural industry, huge fields, rare settlements, the wind blows in our faces – I hate him.  It is really tough today.  The hot wind like a desert wind dries you completely out, you are not able to compensate this loss of humidity, even if you drink a lot! Finally put up our tent in the middle of nowhere where Erich cooked a wonderful pasta –  grazie Maestro, benissimo!


Pasta  FieldsUKR


Everything is basic here, the roads, the settlements, off the touristic track, purely Russian signs everywhere and meanwhile we start to understand them. What a challenge! Finally we stop at Dzhankoy in the Northeastern part of Krim peninsula over night. People have made big parades throughout our way, today is the national holiday in Ukraine. They celebrate the End of 1945 war, the victory over NS regime. Also here in our town, people are dressed up, ready for going out, parties are on. No thanks. We go to sleep, we are done.


Krim1  Krim2

The good thing is – we are already near! Total distance: 2740k