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Sigi Grabner and friends riding to Sochi - Long road - Pic: Private


Sigi Grabner and friends riding to Sochi - Long road - Pic: Private
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Riding To Sochi – Sigi Grabner Roadbook Day 13:  10 May 2013

Distance: 215k on Krim peninsula: Dzhankoy – Feodosija – Kerch  Total:  2.685k


Pulk_Krim Sigi_Close


It was a very nice ride today through the very beautiful landscape of Krym peninsula. And it was again very tough in the end with this East facing f*** wind. We were heading out from Zhankoy across the countryside to the East. It is a beautiful countryside with vineyards (Krim wines! Mhh!), wide lands, huge fields, cattle and sheep farming, guardians on horseback. Really beautiful and really windy.


Sigi_cook  Pausa_Pasta


In the evening we arrived at the East part of the peninsula. The little town of Kerch is the ferry port for transfers to Russia. Russia is not far away from here, a 20 minutes transfer by boat. (It could possibly take us more than 20 minutes to pass the border control into Russia). We heard that there is a lot of travelling and queueing between the two ports. Let’s see tomorrow. Now let’s find a nice place for dinner in this little town, some typical local cuisine, lamb stew, Ukrainian borschts soup, some pampushki or galushki.


Sigi_Krim_front  Sigi_Krim_back


This would be our last evening in the Ukraine. It was along ride across this huge and beautiful country,  it was most challenging. The roads were a challenge and the wind too. It was an extremely hard ride for us today, but with the goal in sight, we were ready to try even harder. We get nearer to Russia – Sochi we are coming! We are fully motivated. We want to take the ferry boat for Russia tomorrow morning.

My voice is gone evey evening, it sounds like I had a hard night of partying – actually it is the wind that makes you dry out, of course 🙂 So we keep drinking a lot, drinking a lot and drinking a lot. Maybe drinking some Vodka too tonight?